Baby Rabbit Care – Keep Your Baby Rabbit Healthy

Baby Rabbit Care

The usual waiting time before you see those fuzzy coats coming out from mama doe is 30 days. You will soon have dozens of litters running in and about your place. You’d soon find yourself very busy making sure if mama doe is doing her job right. Soon you will apply all the steps in baby rabbit care. Though rabbits are known for making their own nest, mama doe don’t usually sit on it after giving birth. They usually leave the nest after the initial feeding at midnight. This behavior makes it even better to get the predator’s attention. Mama doe is not like any other mamas because she’s not used to nursing her litters.

Here are some useful guidelines on baby rabbit care:

1. A nest box with the size enough for the mama doe’s size and her litters is needed. Make sure you lines the nest box with hay and straw.

2. Lined the nest box with hay and straw, no softwood shavings please.

3. The room temperature should be warm enough for the newborn bunnies.

4. Observe within 24-48 hours if mama doe is feeding her litters, if not, make sure you give those poor litters something to nourish them.

5. Feed the newborn with canned kitten formula or kitten formula replacer.

6. Do not use any eyedropper. Try using syringe instead.

7. Clean the face and bottom of the litters every after each feeding.

8. If the litter’s urine is gritty brown, immediately call your vet. This is dangerous for their health.

9. Check if the bunnies are dehydrated. Feed them with Pedialyte is needed.

10. Make sure your place is safe for your newborn such from other housepets like your dogs and cats.

11. Cow’s milk and fruit juice is also a big no-no. The ingredients of these two could give your newborn some messy fecal.

12. Mama doe needs extra foods such as pellets because she needs calorie to produce enough milk for her litters.

13. Include Lactobacillus Acidophilus in their milk to help strengthen their bodies.

Your dedication and attention is also a must for baby rabbit care. Give enough time to make sure the mother and the babies are all doing well. Check if they are free from any illnesses or infections. If one is sick, call your vet or remove the ill litter away from the others because chances are his infection might be transmitted to others. Love and love and love your bunnies. They will give so much love in return thus having them as pets are certainly rewarding. Remember, rabbits are great companions and they will be very faithful to you until the very end.

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