Guinea Pig Diseases

Guinea Pig Diseases You Should Know About

It’s not a fun subject, but to protect your pet it is always good to know something about guinea pig diseases. Cancer Cancer can affect the blood in the case of leukemia,... Read more »
Sick Guinea Pig

Tips For How to Take Care of a Sick Guinea Pig

If you have a sick guinea pig, there are certain steps you will want to take in order to ensure quick recovery. In addition to providing proper care, the real key in... Read more »
Are Chinchillas Rodents

Are Chinchillas Rodents? Let’s Find The Answer – Are Chinchillas Rodents? Chinchillas are members of the rodent family that are native to the jungles of the Andes. The word chinchilla is Spanish and means “little chincha.” Though chinchillas... Read more »
All About Pets

All About Pets – Essential Knowledge for Pets Owner – When we talk all about pets, we talk about lovely animals we should care and love. Pets are a great source of joy, for people of all ages. From the... Read more »