Guinea Pig For Kids – 7 Essential Considerations

Guinea Pig For Kids – If you are a parent considering getting a pet guinea pig for kids, there are 7 essential issues you must think about before making your decision. Guinea pigs are also known as “cavies”, derived from their scientific name Caviidae Porcellus. Cavies can make a fabulous pet for your child and add tremendous value to his or her life, if you firstly consider:

Guinea Pig For Kids – 7 Essential Considerations

1. How patient are you?

If you are a patient person and you are prepared to spend some time to teach your child how to correctly handle and care for a cavy, it can be a wonderful bonding experience between parent and child. However having a new pet can also be a frustrating time!

2. Are you willing to learn?

When you are willing to learn (with your child) all about the delights of having a guinea pig, you will ensure he has the best experience of piggy life possible.

3. What if your child tires of the pet?

Are you willing to take care of the pet if your child tires of the responsibility (or when your child eventually leaves home)?

4. Will you take responsibility?

As a parent, are you willing to assume the ultimate responsibility of guinea pig caregiver? (Of course, your child will need to be given some responsibilities, and this will be a valuable learning experience. However, don’t expect your child to always meet all the piggy’s needs, no matter how much they reassure you that they will. It’s great if they can but for most children the novelty of cage cleaning wears thin quickly!).

5. Will the other members of your family welcome the newcomer?

Is your entire household, other adults and pets included, happy to welcome a guinea pig into your family? If you also have cats or dogs, you’ll need to consider how to keep the piggies safe from harm.

6. It will take time

While piggies are very lovable and can become endearingly affectionate pets, they are very timid and shy by nature and most piggies will need a lot of time and patience before they enjoy being held. (This is because they are prey animals).

7. When the end comes

Guinea pigs usually live for between four and seven years. Are you are prepared to help your child deal with his or her grief when the time comes to say goodbye to your furry friend?

Finding the Perfect Guinea Pig For Kids

If you have decided a guinea pig is the pet for you and your kid, then the next step is finding the perfect guinea pig. It does not matter what pet store you visit, a lovable tiny guinea pig is somewhere close by.

The trick to finding your perfect pet is to know a little about them first, and you could like to learn that there are in reality thirteen types of Cavy, or guinea pig. All thirteen are completely different in personality and in appearance, so a lot will depend upon what breed you are needing.

They all have likenesses like the body shape, and style, and they all should weigh no more than 32 oz when totally grown.

The most well liked type of Cavy is easily the Yank Cavy. They have a particularly short smooth coat of fur and they would be one of the most chic of all the breeds. Full of personality, they are great with youngsters and make smashing pets. To finish the picture, the Yank Cavy has a roman (a little rounded) nose.

Then there is the Abyssinian, or The Abby breed. This breed is commonly known as a rough coat. With circular fur patterns called rosettes, which are symmetrical along the body, they are a pleasant kind of Cavy with a frolicsome personality. There’s also a softer furred variety of the Abby, known as the Satin breed.

Then there is Teddy, a breed that grows in renown all the time. Also one of the most unique of all cavy’s due to its fur coat. Extremely short and dense fur, the hair all over their body stands erect, similar to a small dog. Due to the cuddly features of the Teddy, it essentially does resemble a furry bear. These make great pets as they are comparatively docile and mild. A great pet for any kid.

Finding the perfect guinea pig will point you to the Texel breed if you’re lucky enough. This is an intensely engaging breed. Long haired, in curls and ringlets of fur. These ringlets appear over their entire body including the bottom and the forehead, though they do grow out as the animal gets older.

The Texel has a short body and a short nose. They do not need grooming like other long haired Cavy’s, but their ringlets need maintenance. These are lovely guinea pigs, stuffed with personality, and come in a massive range of colours.

Still finding the perfect guinea pig, well what about the Peruvian? Another long haired breed, attractive, and sublime. This breed does need daily grooming so you’ll need to be ready to schedule this into your day. They’re colourful, and come in a big range of colours, with energy to burn. Due to the level of needed care, this breed might not be the best suited to kids.

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When you have researched the available breeds, and there are far more than those detailed here, it’s important to take the time to finding your perfect guinea pig.

If you can, find a local breeder and see whether they can point you in the right direction. Always watch out with the info you receive from pet stores, as they do not necessarily know the answers to your questions, and occasionally they aren’t too sure of the express nature of some breeds of animal. There’ll be a local authority on Guinea Pigs, and they will help you in finding the perfect guinea pig for kids.

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